Saturday, 31 March 2012

Surf's up in J-Bay!

Before heading to J-Bay for a short 'all sites' reunion, our site was going to participate in a little Outtatown ritual over the Blaukrans river... Bunjee jumping!

From day 1 of the program the bunjee jump was somethign that frequently came up in conversation.  In fact, I remember at Camp Squeah when we would practise jumping from the benches.  We made it as realistic as possible you see...

When it was time for the real thing most of us were leaning towards being more excited than terrified.  There were the odd exceptions... *coughjessica&kendra*  Jumping from the bridge was a totally surreal feeling and everyone who ended up jumping had no regrets.  As you're flying through the air, leaving the pounding music on the bridge, all that you can think of is just how much you love Outtatown.
That's it! The bridge we jumped off of!
Getting ready to go!
All done! Go Coral, Alisha & Kaitlyn!

All Sites at J-Bay was a very enjoyable and relaxing 2 days.  We got the chance to take surfing lessons and go for a canter along the beach with some African horses.  After that we took the opportunity to shop in all the outlet stores, searching for a shirts and swimsuits to show off our tans when we get back.  Or, in a couple cases, rent surf boards on our own and spend all day in the water. 
Jess, Carol, Lisa, Kaitlyn, Alisha, Coral, Tobi, Becci & Megan going riding

All in all, it was a fantastic way to spend the  half-way weekend of our semester!

Written by: Andrew

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