Saturday, 31 March 2012

Take a walk on the Wild Side

Our week at Mdumbi (on the Wild Coast) was very relaxing.  We enjoyed having free time on the beach with the cows and other random livestock.  There was a cozy chill room where we spent most of our evenings playing cards, listening to music and chatting.  Our hike to Coffee Bay was definitely a highlight.  We hiked along the coast - down the beach, through a cave and off a cliff into the ocean.  With only 2 nights left, some of us decided to sleep outside on the beach:

"So a few of us hauled our sleeping bags, blankets and pillows down to the beach.  Others decided to mooch off the people who did bring warmth *coughandrewcough* and one true woodsman thought to make bot rock lounge chairs to keep him warm throughout the night.  Too bad it took him all night to make it!  About 10 of us drifted off to sleep by the fired, snuggling in the sand, looking at the starts and hearing the crashing of the waves.  However, as we slept, the waves kept crashing and the tide rose higher and higher... higher than it had all week.  Some beach bums felt the waves coming earlier on, but instead of warning the rest of us they decided to keep that information to themselves leaving the rest of us to a shocking wake up.  Water rushed into our sleeping bags, soaking everything inside and taking our pillows, sweaters and glasses cases right out to sea!  It was a mad dash to find all our belongings followed by a lovely hike back up the hill carrying all our dripping sleeping gear with us.  Not the most ideal thing to be doing at 3am... but it sure makes for a funny memory!"

Nathan Reiger also flew down to spend some time with us and Site 3.  Many of us got to have one-on-one conversations with him.  He spoke to us about V.I.M. - Vision, Intention and Means.  This was important to learn about as many of us are considering our next steps following Outtatown.  In our Knowing Yourself session with Sandy we discussed the importance of transitioning well.  Leaving our Outtatown community and transitioning well back to Canada will take intentionality!  With only 10 days left, we want to make the most of our time and finish off the year well.

One final note, one beautiful morning at the beach, Kaitlyn decided to get baptized.  It was an incredible moment where she dedicated her life to Jesus.  Cool beans :)

Written by: Emily Brubaker-Zehr
Story by: Rachel Parkinson

Kaitlyn sharing her testimony

beach at Mdumbi

hiking to Coffee Bay

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