Thursday, 1 March 2012

Time for some R&R

Bonnievale was a place with a gorgeous view where it felt like we were camping for a weekend.  We got to swim, soak up the sun, play games, hang out and have lots of fun relaxing.  One of the best parts of the weekend was kayaking up the river to the rope swing!  We also got to go slingshot paintballing - it's a ton of fun hitting your friends and comparing bruises afterwards.  Another highlight was the high ropes course we got to do!  Later we got an adrenalin rush on the King Swing, which is where you're sitting on a seat 30ft up in the air, let go of the rope you were pulled up by and swing like you've never swung before.  Tons of fun!

During our time at Bonnievale you could tell that our site had a different, more relaxed, chill atmosphere which was really nice to see.  We also loved the food that was cooked over an open fire, delicious after an afternoon swim.  Bonnievale was definitely a highlight for everyone.

Written by: Larissa

Jess, Lauren and Alisha post paintball
Chloe taking some serious R&R, Mowgli style
Megan, Rachel, Lauren and Jess on the high ropes course

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