Monday, 17 October 2011

Bird River: Round 3

During our last week at Bird River Bible Camp, excitement for the coming Thanksgiving weekend and for our travels that would follow was very apparent! But before it was time for turkey and stuffing, we had plenty to do yet at the camp we had come to call home. We were honored to have Gavin Hall join us this week to teach us about Theology. Now I’m going to be honest, with a title like Theology I wasn’t sure how interesting these classes could be. But contrary to the appeal of its title, Theology turned out to be extremely interesting and Gavin had the attention of the entire class. He gave us things to think about, form opinions about, and also just challenged us in our walk with God and journey through scripture.  After going deeper into the subject and actually learning what Theology was, I came out with a new appreciation for it and a greater curiosity to read and study the bible.

Lauren, Zach, Megan, Andrew & Mark pondering
Other than classes, our evenings held lots of entertaining and exciting things. For one, we had our first meeting of small groups! Well, second I guess if you count our meeting when we were all blind and belting out animal noises as seen previously on our blog--one of our brightest moments! But we spent an evening playing games and getting to know our small groups, and I would just like to put out there that my small group set an Outtatown record- our first meeting was about 5 hours! Another day we had a themed supper where we all had to find our twin (or for some, triplets and quadruplets). We had our ginger triplets (the “tringers”), and lumberjack triplets who blessed us with lovely songs. We had N’sync dance moves, gender switches, old grannies, beach babes, and also members of the Twins baseball team made an appearance! I was very impressed with our effort! Well done guys, well done.

Ryan & Luke

Emily & Coral
Matt & Stephen

Jonathan, Sam & Zach
The next night we had the chance to show off our talents (ha!) and, let me tell you, our site is overflowing with talent! Layla sang a beautiful song that she wrote, Sam awed everyone with his guitar and voice, and Carter joined him later on with his mandolin! We have decided that those two are going to be famous one day. We also had some entertainment, Steve’s mustache caught on fire, and then turned into a caterpillar, which eventually crawled off his face, Hugo and Zach found love, which ended in Hugo pregnant, and to wrap up our night of many talents, we decided to see who was the macho-ist of them all.  And, of course, macho men lead to dance parties on the deck, which then leads to jumping in the freezing cold river to cool off. And it sure did do its job, it got pretty nippy outside after that. But that concluded our final week in friendly Manitoba. Next up a province with a little more to look at! 

Written by: Rachel Parkinson

Below you can bask in the talent of Site 2. :)

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