Friday, 21 October 2011

Special Report: Guys Week

Hello and welcome to a very special report on guy’s week!  It was a week of epic proportions.  Picture this: a group of thirty-some guys, living in close quarters challenged to get to know one another… Let the fun times begin to roll.

Hi, my name is Hugo and on behalf of all of the guys I would just like to say that Guy’s Week was probably the highlight from the trip so far.  Some of the manly activities we participated in were: a Canmore picture scavenger hunt (with loads of amazing, memorable pictures), learning sessions with our speakers Blaine and Steve (where we were given lots of good info on becoming men of God), a ‘Canmore Plunge’ (a day where we give back to the community of Canmore).  The Plunge was full of awesome ideas like: handing out roses to patients at the hospital, raking leaves, praying for people, handing out free water with encouraging notes and handing out roses with a pay it forward intention. 

The activities didn’t stop there.  Some of us hiked up a challenging mountain, while others took a swing at the intense Disc Golf Links.  The group hike up a mountain in Lake Louise and seeing the spectacular view from the top was a mind-blowing experience to be exact.  Last, but not least, was the night at the Banff Hot Springs in our vintage onesie bathing suits.  Use your imagination for that one. 

I obviously couldn’t blog about all of the bonding experiences we had so just think about all the fun and safe/responsible things thirty-some guys would do when put together in the same hotel…

And this is Hugo, saying stay safe Outtatown supporters and enjoy life.  Goodbye… for now! Muahaha!

Written by: Hugo Malan

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