Monday, 3 October 2011

Laundry: Outtatown Style

After a week in the bush during the canoe trip, all we had left were stanky clothes, a trip to the laundry mat was in order!


We loaded into the vans from Bird River, and sped off towards Lac Du Bonnet, a bustling town in the middle of the prairies that promised a good time. The laundry mat would then be our “home base” for the next 4 hours as we attempted to wash our stanky clothes. While washing our clothes we proved to be no match for facebook, taking time to connect with friends and family back home. Other rousing  activities in Lac Du Bonnet include visiting the bargain shop, eating at chicken chef, driving down the one way streets, or listening to saucy latin cd’s. Eventually all the clothes were washed and we had no reason to stay in that nifty little laundry mat with free wifi any longer. Piling back into the vans we departed back for Bird River, our bags smelling much sweeter than they had on the way in.

Putting the vans to good use

Written by: Andrew Letkeman

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