Thursday, 6 October 2011

A visit to Purple City!!

Friday, September thirtieth and we were all at the camp
Sitting in class, we were learning like champs.
You could feel it in the air, one thought was the trend,
Why, it was all of the excitement for the Winnipeg Free Weekend!

We packed up our stuff while the boys yelled, “Van Crew!”
Then got in the vans and the time, it just flew!

Booth College was our home for those few short nights,
And we learned the members of our small groups without the use of sight!

We clucked and barked, mooed and giraffe-ed...
And by the end, all we could do was laugh-ed.
Then off on our own, we hit up the town
Visiting Purple City, and acting like clowns.

Larissa, Lisa, Jonathan, Coral, Emily, Sandy & Laura showing off their mad skills 
Welcome October, Saturday the first,
It was a day of celebration, the day of Coral’s birth!
The girls went shopping while the boys did their laundry,
I’m sure their mothers will be proud...something that rhymes with laundry.

Megan & the birthday girl
The events of that night caused people to plan,
A trip to Value Village had some laughing in the van.
Now Value Village always has treasures to be bought,
And those gems that we found we thought, “How can we not?”
Decked out in stripes, glitter and colours so bright,
We all went Roller Skating—I mean, what else do you do on a Saturday night?

Partying at Wheelies
Oh the fun we did have! The laughter and glee,
Some were quite natural, but others had a hurt knee.
We skated and danced until our feet we so sore,
But let me tell you, that the night was not a bore.

our snazzy leaders

Rachel rocking the old-school roller skates

On Sunday we went back to the place it all began,
CMU, where some of us could make a future educational plan.
It was the campus visit day and all the sites were in the land
And when we sat down to pray for supper, we were the only site holding hands!
That evening we all gathered as one collection,
For a night of worship and listening to a personal reflection.
The event was called the MUD cafe;
Mission Under Discussion, as they would say.

And that’s the tale of our eventful weekend of fun.
Just ask any Outtatowner, they will be sad that it’s done!

Written by: Megan Sherk

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