Sunday, 27 November 2011

All Sites Conference

The roof was raised at Camp Squeah when the three Outtatown sites all came together for our all sites conference. For some students, reconnecting with boyfriends, girlfriends or “just friends” really made the weekend perfect. But absolutely everyone was set up to enjoy the few days of the all sites conference with moving worship, a motivating message and loads of workshops and activities on the schedule.

The fun for our site was off to a good start on the first night when we performed an unexpected flash mob for everyones enjoyment (some sweet dance moves set to a german song that Sandy has introduced to us and we’ve all fallen in love with).

It was good to enjoy site 3’s well thought out flash mob the last night with so many talented dancers in the mix. Another highlight of the conference was the evening of square dancing with an authentic caller, some sweet tunes and a room full of students ready to soak in the fun. Other enjoyable moments was the tae kwon do class, the know your camera course and the crocheting lesson. It actually inspired people to take up the art of crocheting. A week later and almost our whole site is crocheting and loving it.

The motivating message that I previously mentioned was titled “Getting + Giving the Gospel”. It was brought forth by the well renowned Bruxy Cavey. We looked deeply at the revolution that Jesus began about 2000 years ago, to come to a better understanding of what it is and why it’s really so amazing. Bruxy taught “the gospel is the good news that God has come to us through Christ to
1) show us his love
2) save us from sin
3) set up his kingdom
4) shut down religion”.

One thing we all found quite beneficial to learn is that “love is not doing something to make you feel good but doing what’s good despite the feeling”. Apart from this we also talked a lot about how intentional Jesus was in stating “screw religion” with what he said and did on this earth. Furthermore, we were taught clearly that God deeply desires relationship with us and therefore wants to do everything in partnership with us, despite the lack of efficiency. Even though God’s work could be done much faster and more perfectly by him alone. He desires for us to be a part of that work. Which is awesome. We were all moved by Buxy’s message and were refocused on the fact that God wants our faith, not works; relationship, not religion.

Everybody loved the all sites conference. Although it was sad to see our speaker, worship leaders, director (Cam) and various friends leave (with this being the last uniting for some of us on Outtatown) we pushed on to the days and weeks ahead. We’re ready to put into practice the rekindled words and energy gained this weekend. Bring it on!

By: Carter

Just for fun, Hugo stars in: "Death of a Snowman"

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