Friday, 18 November 2011

A little piece of heaven

Well, after the urban plunge in Vancouver we loaded up the vans again and headed for a relaxing retreat at Twin Creeks Lodge. We did not know what to expect until we walked down a cute, lit up path to the front door - and then we were all shrieking with excitement. This place wasn't just nice, it was absolutely beautiful!! Charming and sweet is exactly the words to describe the place and the people who were there to greet us, Pat and Peggy! Squeaks of excitement were all I could hear (mainly from the girls) as we ran around the house to our assigned rooms. Our beds were presented to us with little chocolates in our neatly wrapped towels; it was the little things like that that made us feel right at home.

the Lodge at Twin Creeks
We arrived there at night, therefore, we couldn't see what was beyond the windows. But when we woke up the next morning to meet for breakfast, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the trees that surrounded us completely. I could go on forever about how beautiful the place was, but as for the food... it was UNREAL!!!! Peggy and her crew made incredible food and  more than enough of it so we all had happy bellies. It was a nice way to relax and be comfortable after our week in the Ivanhoe.

That weekend we took advantage of the Internet access, slept a bit, went on hikes, explored some trails, played games outside like bocce ball, " friz-knock" ( which was a favorite amongst most of the guys) and more.

Game time!

We also had the opportunity that weekend to visit a mall and value village to prepare for our Halloween party hosted by the entertainment committee! Saturday was the night of our Halloween party. It wasn't exactly October 31st, but the entertainment committee pulled it together nicely and created a haunted house for us and the only way to get in was to be blindfolded and be scared by people as well as finish off with putting our hands in buckets of left overs--I mean, brains and eye balls and gross stuff like that... We enjoyed the night with games like pin the horn on the unicorn, bobbing for apples and ate some caramel  popcorn that Peggy made, followed by a dance party where we were able to experience Carter's thrilling Michael Jackson moves. After the party some people stayed up and freaked themselves out by watching The Ring. 

Braveheart meets Legolas
Matt and his... twin?
Megan, Chloe, Becci, Kendra & Jessica... or should I say, the Spice Girls!
Pippi Longstocking & a concussed moustache
The next morning there was breakfast, church, lunch, time to chill and time to pack, we were all sad to pack up after lunch in preparation to leave. Luckily, we were heading back to Camp Squeah which we all thoroughly enjoy. Overall, I can say that every single one of us LOVED Twin Creeks and Pat and Peggy for taking such good care of us and for the opportunity to explore another beautiful part of BC!

Written by: Laura

Ninja Laura

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