Saturday, 26 November 2011

Squeah Take Two

And now for your entertainment, Week two at Camp Squeah!
(insert crowd cheering and applause here)
Yes, another exciting week at Squeah. We had so much fun here the first week that we decided to come back for seconds. We drove int... What!?
This just in, the first Squeah report went missing when the giant bears attacked and tried to eat us alive! But their plans were thwarted when Hugo began fighting them off with his bare hands.

 Hugo & The Bear

There were no casualties except for the first Squeah report.
Rest assured that we did have fun and we learned lots at Squeah our first week here and the food was exceptional. Now week number two. The food is still exceptional (and I do mean exceptional. Say it with a french accent if you really want to) and we still have fun times. Times like: playing Settlers of Catan, euchre, indoor volleyball, floor hockey etc. All that is fun and games but don’t worry parents and Outtatown supporters. We do get down to business and hit the books hard. Our speaker Steve Klassen spoke to us about being silent and listening to God. Very interesting stuff. Some found it challenging and others found it easy. We all learned a lot from it and took much away. You might be asking yourself “well what did they learn?” Here are some actual, factual quotes:
 “God speaks to us but we don’t always listen. Sometimes we don’t realize but he does speak to us” -Jon.
“Silence is golden” -Andrew.
“Don’t ask what the world needs but ask yourself what makes you come alive and then do it because the world needs people who are alive in what they are doing” -Zach.
“I learned that God speaks through little things that we wouldn’t expect” -Megan.
“Silent. Secret. Small. That is how God speaks. We have to slow down, step back and listen to hear God. He speaks through many ways but he won’t be flashing lights in our faces pointing us in the right direction. We have to find his voice in all of the daily chaos” -Hugo.
“Zzzzzzzz” Dan.
 After all the learning and gaining of wisdom we got back to having fun! But there was the one very serious incident. The day that the ostrich almost destroyed Camp Squeah! It was a dark day. We woke up to sounds of loud crashes and booms. Ryan looked out of his second floor room window and his eyes caught the sight of destruction. An ostrich running wild on camp grounds causing chaos. Who can help us? Who is brave enough? Just then Laura sprinted outside and began wrestling the ostrich. An epic battle that will go down in the books of history. In the end the victorious Laura walked away with a confident smirk of accomplishment on her face. The camp was saved and everything went back to normal.

 Laura & The Ostrich

Squeah is exciting and fun. Something new around every corner. Oh look! Kendra riding a unicorn singing Teenage Dream.

And now for something different.
Close your eyes, open your imaginations and follow me into a visually enticing journey!
It’s dark. You can’t see anything. Not even your hand right in front of your eyes. Water droplets can be heard drip dropping away. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. The walls are damp and cold. Like sitting in a frigid cement room. The air is clammy and cool. It gives gives you the jeepers creepers. There is no noise. Just you and your thoughts and what ever lurks in the dark. One wrong step and you could be done. Done like dinner. But then you turn on your headlamp and see a group of your awesome Outtatown friends around you in a cave! Yay! And that is the caving experience we had. It was marvelous. Entering the mountainside in small groups or families. Venturing deep into the mountain. Sliding, crawling, scaling, squeezing through mazes of tunnels and corridors. All of that makes for a very exhilarating experience. 

 Kelsey, Chloe, Rachel, Larissa, Becci and Hugo exiting the caves

 Dan, Tobi and Matt ready to go caving

What’s this?!? A dog swimming with dolphins? Yes, that just happened. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

And yes, I do have a handsomely deep voice.

By: Hugo Malan

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