Sunday, 27 November 2011

Victoria Weekend

Once our time at Esperanza came to an end we headed to the less remote but equally beautiful Victoria! For many of us the weekend included: sleeping in, connecting with people back home, exploring the city, hitting up the mall, window shopping at boutiques and just chillin’ around the hotel. Nightly visits to Tim Hortons to hang out and chat was also very much a part of our weekend.
On Saturday, we were dropped off at the local library to learn more about the country we will be traveling to in just two months. Each small group was given a topic to research and prepare a presentation on to show the rest of the group what we learned. The four topics that we studied were: Nelson Mandela, apartheid, the Soweto uprising and the main people groups of South Africa. It was really interesting to learn about some of the people and events that have made a major impact on South Africa and the world. There are issues that we may have studied in school but knowing that we are going into the very places that we are talking about puts things in a new light. I hope that the knowledge I am gaining will help me not to feel like a typical tourist but help me understand and embrace the culture I will encounter. I think most of us would say that discussing and learning about South Africa has made us even more excited for second semester than we may have already been.
Overall it was a refreshing weekend that allowed us to relax before the craziness of all sites conference.

By: Kendra

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